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Monday, May 30, 2011

picture taken from Miss Megan's phone - must give her the creds.
Y'all must be thinking: 
"Gosh darn, Manders, why do you find this so funny?" 

Well, m'dear... lemme answer your question with this:

Take a closer look... 

1. This picture is of my blackberry - fratberry- crackberry - obsession. 

2. I'm tweeting Miss Anna Kate (ultimate ADPi sister) about sweet tea and justifying my love for San Pellegrino (which I spelled incorrectly.. oops my bad!) Apparently, you can't love the wine of the South and sparkling water at the same time? Uhhhh... but what if I do love both? 
I pwomise + cross my heart I'd be loyal to both sides -- Sweet Sisters of the South, Imma order my sweet tea - extra sweetened and Sisters of the North, I sure do love a wedge of lime with that sparkling water - bubbles and fizz fo' days. 

3. I used the term: homegirl. - You Southern-belle sisters... your twang, accents and words are rubbin' off on me. I'm not gonna lie -- I l-ov-e- LOVE it! 

4. This tweet would be my 1,851st tweet.... or in better terms... it's our founding year -- 1851

My life is a #TSM.

1 comment:

  1. Haha. Oh, Amanda! This definitely gave me a good laugh for today. I still will never understand yall's love for "sparking water" up there though!


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