And we laughed, and we had a really really really good time.

Monday, June 13, 2011

And we danced
And we cried...
And we laughed, and had a really really really good time.
Take my hand, let's have a blast.
And remember this moment for the rest of our lives. 
"And We Danced" byMacklemore

First off, a huge thanks to my dearest friends who helped make my 21st birthday a night to remember! 

Especially the following: Robert, TEAM ANNIE (Miss AKG and Miss Annie D.), My BIGS (Denise and Iggy), My LITLES (Jennefer, Enrique, Lauren and Trevor), and to the rest of you who made it out to the bars with me, especially my ADPi sisters (Schnickerdoodle aka Nicole, J.Chung, Brittany, Catherine, Sarah, Molly and others).. although I may not have remembered seeing some of you, I'm sure we had a great time. (A picture is worth a 1000 words, right? haha)

A big thanks to Elyssa and Jennefer for making my B-E-AUTIFUL Birthday Signs! I LUHHH THEM.
Left: Elyssa, Right: Jennefer
FYI: Robert was pretty much my publicist for the night - handling all of my social media (Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, etc.) So if you had been texting me that night, you were talking to Robert. haha

So here's the Birthday Celebration/Rite of Passage Re-Cap:

To start off all birthdays right, the immediate Fam Bam (Denise, Jenn, Kayva and I) went to Mamma Melina for a little dinner. I highly recommend the smoked salmon stuffed mezzalune pasta! Delectable. At dinner, the fam bam gave me some cute presents: a hot pink Lacoste headband and from Vera Bradley - some stationary, a notebook and makeup bag. Totes presh. 

After our food coma, we kicked it at the Pi house for a bit.. watched Mean Girls with my Big Sis and then around 11, we went over to Sigma Chi for a little shenanigans with the entire Fam Bam before the Adventure to the UW AVE bars -- all of my littles (Enrique, Jenn and Lauren and their little ones: Matt, Jack, Kayva and Meg -- Trevor and Ryan couldn't make it... boo), my BIGS (Denise and Iggy), and of course my twinsie from Iggy's side, Matt AND everyone else! :) Even the freshies made it out.
The Leos - most amazing Fam Bam ever!
To clarify for my EO sisters, my family tree includes: ADPi, Chi Psi and Sigma Chi
ADPi: Diamond Sister Denise, My Littles (Jennefer and Lauren) and their Littles (Jenn's: Kayva and Lauren's: Meg)
Chi Psi: My Little (Trevor) and his Little (Ryan)
Sigma Chi: My Big Bro (Iggy), His Little/My Twinsie (Matt), My Little Bro (Enrique) and his Littles (Matt and Jack) and his Big Bro/Jenn's Big Bro (Luka)

At the stroke of midnight, we rushed the bars! Started at Finn's first but way over-crowded, so I got my lemon-drop and skidaddled to Earls. Earls was much more fun and I loved seeing friends from class there. Also, Ingrid - an ADPi sister from Michigan was there, too! After Earls, there was a dance party at Fournos... let me re-phrase, I was the dance party and bounced off the walls by myself until I got so tired that I decided to just sit in the middle of the dancefloor. Fournos was definitely a great time! Last but not least, I finally got to A Pizza Mart where I got a free drink from the bartender (his name was Trevor and wore a purple deep v-neck) who I became best friends. We ended up back home at 2:30 am.... success!

So I guess now what's left to share are pictures! 

Annie: my chaperone for the night! Luhh her
"Are you sure you're 21?"
 "Yes... why would I be wearing these crazy signs?"
" I will not leave until you play Britney Spears."

Thanks friends, I had the most amazing time!

YOLO: You Only Live Once.

Title of post is courtesy of "And We Danced" by Macklemore


  1. You look so cute in your birthday dress and I love all of the pictures!!

  2. Bahaha, I'm dying, love!! So glad you had a fabulous birthday! Can't WAIT 'til I got to Seattle again, on or off the clock :)


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