#ATL, You are one wild of a city...

Friday, June 17, 2011

Since I've been here, the girls and I have ran wild and free through Hotlanta... exploring the city and all of its wondrous sights!

The amazing adventures are as follows:

Stone Mountain Park
Stone Mountain Park was pretty darn neat. At this park, you can watch a lazer show, hike and/or play golf. It's a beautiful, scenic drive and btws, to all you couples out there - hot date spot! I had a great time watching the lazer show with my EO sisters. The show started off as a historical account of the Civil War, and then showed off some Southern pride with images of the Atlanta Braves, big touristy spots in the city and certain areas of Alabama -- while complementing the show with fireworks and music. Very entertaining and worth the 40 minute drive! 

Random House Visits

Tender (chicken)
Michelle + Diana
Yes, we drove to who-knows-where in #ATL and made some friends with a friend of a fellow intern, Courtney. Who are these friends? Well, they are some lovely Southern gents from University of Tennessee - Knoxville, AEPis (very rare down here in the Bible Belt) who have great taste in music - Rebelution. If you're into reggage.... check 'em out! These nice guys also invited us to spend 4th of July weekend with them. Adam and Sam... what great people - looking forward to celebrating the big red, white and blue with you. It should be a hoot!

"What's a Wacka - #geteducatedaboutthecityyoulivein" - Thanks Sam.
Now I know... the "No Hands" dude was from Georgia. Ya learn something new errday!

Opera, anyone?

To make our lives a little more interesting... we braved through the streets of #ATL at night to get our dance on at this club called, Opera. One word: #sketchy

Aww Miss Haley, you are just too presh!
Yay! Kappa and Alpha Theta finally get to meet 
after months of freakin' out about #ATL and EO! 

M'dear Michelle, such a gem!
The Group #HAWT
left top to right bottom: Jessica, (Yours Truly), Haley, Megan, Brittney, Diana and Courtney
(Michelle was taking the picture)
Opera was jammin'. Ahem... it was pretty crazy to say the least. A little too wild for me personally, but it was quite the excursion. Despite the torrential downpour (Thunderstorms in ATL are outta control; I thought I had escaped rainstorms when I left Seattle.), we made it out of the club alive and ended our night at iHop. Couldn't pass up on a fruit crepe! 

Tomahawk, chop chop chop!

One of the best baseball games I've watched...

Yesterday (June 16th), I went to my first Braves game with my #EOintern sisters! Braves v. the Mets.... wooot! Had my first Braves dog (chilli and cheese) aka clogged my arteries... but well worth it! I chopped-chopped away every time the music/crowd went "Ooohhh, Ooohh, Oohhh.... Oohhh, Ooohhh Oohhhhhh." 

Beautiful. Turner Field.
what a beauty.

Look at us... "What are we sisters or somethin'?" - JJ
Jessica, Haley, Courtney, Diana, Megan, (yours truly), Brittney and Michelle
Three Southern ways I learned at the game: croakies, coozies and the Tomahawk Chop! 

Exhibit A: Croakies - these are to be worn with your sunglasses, with the graphic/part in the back and straps towards the front... so your lovely shades will lay ever-so-gently under your neck. Apparently, the frat-stars sport the shades in the back. It's cool to wear these down here... Seattle, ehhh not so much.

check out this Fratstar.. sportin' his Croakies.

Exhibit B: Coozies - the ever so popular beverage accompaniment
So there's an open container law in Georgia... therefore, all beverages must have a coozie? IDK if that's right man, but they do keep your fingers from freezin' off!

Exhibit C: Tomahawk Chop - Coolest thing ever... the crowd was so into it! 

Well, those are all my latest adventures... I'm sure there will be more to come! Right now, it's all about interning, pool time and packing for Grand Convention! Less than 1 week 'til Grand Convention at the Arizona Biltmore! Can't wait! 

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