Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Good morning friends and fellow sisters...

It is early. Like 7:58 am in ATL (and 6 am-ish in Seattle) bahaha... so why am I awake at such a gosh darn early hour? Heavens, if I know! 

But what I do know, is that I'm the first of the interns to be awake... and of course, I'm writing on this gosh darn blog to update all of my sweet Alpha Theta sisters about my flight and first day in HOTLANTA. 

For those of you who were able to keep up with my Facebook statuses and Tweets: thanks for all of the pi love! I truly needed it when I was sitting there - waiting for my plane (which took forever!) to get to the gate after each landing. 

"No Recline" for the 3 hour-flight from Denver to ATL.
#struggles in the sleeping department
Flight-- 6:25 am flights to Denver are not fun. It is way too early to function at such an hour; nevertheless, attempting to maneuver my way down a narrow aisle and act pleasant when I actually really wished that I was still in my jammies and in bed. However, I was able to get a snooze in during the flight. Scary Fact about the flight: Denver is located near the Rockies = windy = plane shakes and seems like it's about to crash = Amanda freaking out and gripping on those armrests and the person next to her begins to tell her a story about his younger college years to help her cope with the immediate stress. absolutely terrifying. Then, it took FOREVER (more like a whole extra 15 minutes) to get from where we landed to the gate, and of course, I started stressin' even more because my time for a 30 minute-lay-over was decreasing real fast and it seemed like I barely had any time to catch my next flight. Finally got to the gate and I sprinted... like actually ran/power-walked real tough - clear across the terminal- which was pretty far. Can you imagine it? The Little One running through the airport in a black sundress + cardigan combo, dragging her carry-on with Alphie, holding on for the ride in my Longchamp. It was great. After I got on my flight to ATL, it was smooth coasting from there. So there you have it... I got into Atlanta around 3:30 pm, was able to get to baggage claim around 4:00 pm, and into the arms of my EO sisters at 4:30 pm. (Lovely Courtney picked me up in her little Mazda with Brittney, Diana and Jessica!)

First Night at EO-- So here's the part you were all waiting for.... I FINALLY GOT TO EXECUTIVE OFFICE! Oh em gee - my Alpha Thetas... you think it's pretty in the pictures? Hot damn. It is BEAUTIFUL - IMMACULATE! As we drove down Ponce, all I could hear was "LEFT! LOOK LEFT NOW!" from Brittney. And there it was -- in all of its glory - our beautiful Memorial Headquarters. Alpha Delta Pi. Walking up to those glorious white pillars and up the stairs into the "Bunk Room" (where the Interns and LCs sleep) was like an absolute dream. SO UNREAL. After I got settled in a little bit, we all (minus Haley because she had to work) went to The Vortext Bar and Grill for dinner. 
The Vortex
Okay... a little scary on the outside, but the burgers were real tasty, and it was a great first meal for my first night in ATL. Needless to say, it was totally cool on the inside as well as its exterior. After dinner, we got to Publix (a local grocery store -- similar to what we Alpha Thetas/Pacific NW-coasters call QFC) to buy some lovely food for the week. Got back to the ultimate diamond-studded srat castle, unpacked, watched The Roommate with the girls and then it was off to bed. 

When I woke up this morning, I literally just sat up on my top bunk and stared around in complete utter disbelief. HQ. OH EM GEE.... What's even more unreal is that I'm actually sitting in the Lion's Den upstairs writing to y'all about this -- remember when I was obsessing over being at this house for like months? YUP. It's all happening now. 

Stay tuned for more pictures... I'm going to be camera-crazy today after the first day of work. BAHAHA

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  1. Love this! I'm so excited for you and can't wait to hear all about it :)


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