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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Whoever said I wasn't ADPi-Obsessed? bahaha I admit it. I love and live for the white and blue. I proudly wear that beautiful Diamond pin, and show my respects to Mama Fitzgerald every chapter with my sweet Alpha Dees when we do our lovely secret handy-do. That's why, this past summer at EO was an unforgettable experience. Being an intern was a privilege and honor bestowed upon us eight women that will always be cherished. Although more than a month has gone by and we have returned to our respective homes and chapters, I'm missing every moment of it. I highly recommend that y'all apply to the internship program if you get the chance.

Want to get a glimpse of the amazing time I had being an intern at Memorial Headquarters in Atlanta, Ga.? 

Check out this video:

Pi love to my EO intern sisters! Love you and wish y'all a wonderful start to the new school year! <>


  1. that looks so fun i'm an adpi in epsilon lambda at usf! what age/year do most girls apply for it at?? pi love <>

  2. Hi Danielle! Most members apply during their sophomore year for the summer before junior year. I applied during my junior year for the summer before my senior year, so it truly is entirely up to you. It was such a wonderful experience, and I hope you consider it!

    Pi love from Alpha Theta at University of Washington


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