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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

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College is officially over. As of yesterday afternoon, I took my last final exam. ever. 

ahhhhh, finally!!!!

On my way back to the beautiful "Pi Palace" (Alpha Theta chapter of the Alpha Delta Pi Sorority) - the place where I called home for these past three-ish years, I passed by school buildings that now hold much more meaning to me than merely a classroom. When I strolled past them, there was an odd sense of pre-nostalgia; I was no longer staring at them as a collegian, but rather as an alumna. This was now my alma mater.

whoa.... buddy. whatdoya mean I don't go to school anymore?

One building, in particular, stood in all of its beauty and brought a tear to my face. Denny Hall - the oldest building on the University of Washington campus. Historic.  Timeless. Classic.

Although it was the hall that held some of my more dreadful LSJ (Law, Societies and Justice) classes and the oh-so-awful quiz section of GEOG 205 (why, oh why dear sigmachi friend did we take that class? ohh 'das right, to fulfill natural world (aka science) classes), Denny was an icon of my collegiate experience. It was where I received my bid from the first and the finest of the Alpha Delta Pi Sorority and joined an amazing sisterhood. At that building, I had spent countless hours studying for tests, and it was the first place I got sufficiently lost trying to find a classroom besides the Health and Sciences building (all the way in the boonies by Fisheries). So as those tears of joy crept down my little cheeks... I smiled. All of this was a part of what made me the person I am today... thanks #UW for an amazing college experience. 

Go Purple. Be Gold

To celebrate this poignant moment of my life... what better way than to reminisce with some good throwback jams of my freshman year of college. For those of you who pledged sororities or fraternities in '08 and live semi-near the gentleman of Delta Chi, I'm sure you remember hearing some of these songs blasted from their pool late at night... especially during Greek Week.

1. I Love College :: Asher Roth
2. Whatever You Like :: T.I.
3. Live Your Life :: T.I. and Rihanna
4. Just Dance :: Lady Gaga
5. Blame It :: Jamie Foxx
6. Turn My Swag On :: Soulja Boy
7. Cookie Jar :: Gym Class Heroes
8. I'm on a Boat :: The Lonely Island ft. T-Pain
9. Yes :: LMFAO
10. Let It Rock :: Kevin Rudolf
(I still sing the Sigma Chi version that we remixed for Derby Days 2008... NBD)
11. Right Round :: Flo Rida
12. Day N' Nite :: Kid Cudi
13. Kiss Me Through the Phone :: Soulja Boy
14. All of the Above :: Maino feat. T-Pain
15. Party in the USA :: Miley Cyrus ..... DChi, don't deny it. You love our girl, Miley... true or false, you played this jam on repeat for two weeks straight.

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  1. That list of songs really made me just miss college like crazy.

    I LOVE reading about all of the big changes going on in your life right now- you're gonna do great things girl!


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