is this real life?

Thursday, December 15, 2011

This past Wednesday, I packed up the last of my belongings and said my good-byes to ADPi, a place I called home for three amazing years. As my dearest Great-Grand little and her Alpha class sisters (for those of you non-Greeks, this probably sounds absolutely outrageous... #greekterminology) helped me stack boxes and pile after pile of clothes into my little Honda civic, I started freaking out... This was it. My time as a fun, bounce-around, sorority girl was coming to an end. 

On the way to my new place, I jammed to the beats of Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding with the attempt to get myself pumped for this new adventure - the life of a post-grad. It worked until I started unpacking a box of ADPi pictures... yup. Ehhh I'll admit it. I cried. Tears of bittersweet joy - there was no one to chat with... just me, myself and I. The only sounds, except for the background noise of Florence + The Machine singing "You've Got the Love," were the shuffling of my feet as I struggled with over-flowing boxes and suitcases.

Later that night, sweet sisters Lauren whom I affectionally refer to as Lolo and down-to-earth and oh-so-trendy-hipster Meleigha stopped by to keep me accompany. They sat on my bed/nest (similar to picture below) and chatted with me as I unpacked some of my clothes... basically they were the best sisters anyone could ever ask for. 

yup... this looks pretty darn close to my nest...
hardwood floors are apparently good for the back, but I beg to differ.
t minus 8 days 'til my beautiful new leather futon arrives.
Immediately after they left, I wrapped myself in my blankets and fell asleep in the nest, waking up occasionally from the sounds of the city. The next morning, it all hit me. 

is this real life?

Yes, m'dear... it's time to open those eyes of yours and wake up to adulthood. The world awaits you outside of your door.

And that was it - the beginning of my journey as a post-grad. I got up, and walked outside to the bright lights and beautiful city of downtown Seattle which I now refer to as my neighborhood. No longer a college student living in the U-District of cheap eats and the frat-stars of Greek row... it's Belltown for me.

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