Here's the key; I think I'm ready.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

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It's a quiet night of reflection this evening, or maybe it's because my lack of a social life allows me some down time to peruse through old blog posts. Oh what silly things I wrote these past couple of years...

Navigating through the 'ole archive, I stumbled upon this gem: "Hold onto Whatever You Find Baby."According to blogger-metrics, it's one of my greatest hits... no. 3 to be exact.

Has much changed since then? Ha. better question... am I still single? Welp... yes, I am.

It's not that I haven't learned anything or continued to keep my heart guarded. In fact, I actually met quite a few people since then, and allowed myself to let loose. I've enjoyed their company, but in the end, it just wasn't meant to be. It was not the right time. I was going through a lot - job hunting, networking events, an internship plus full-time classes,  a second term on my sorority's Executive Board, an officer position on UW PRSSA, volunteering and preparing for graduation.

Honestly though, in order to have attained my post-grad goals and get where I am.... I had to give up something, right? I guess I chose to sacrifice that, and no, I don't regret it - not one bit. I'm happy with how everything turned out. And honestly now that everything has settled down in my life and I'm beginning to have a better grasp of the #biggirlworld, I think I'll finally let myself venture down that "love" path, if you will. (Not like there's a line of men standing outside my doorway or anything...)

As this new 2012 year begins, here's to finding "love?" Or in better words: gettin' my flirt on with my sistah-friends on friday nights.

Single and ready to mingle... or as I call it:
single, mingle and give me a jingle, why don't you?

Title: In reference to the key I mentioned in my "Hold onto Whatever You Find Baby" post. Finally, letting down my guard.

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