Mid-Week Morning Thoughts: Text Mehh Back.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

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We've all been there... and by we, I mean, us women. I'm not entirely sure if the picture above resonates with any of my male readers, but if it does, let me know.

Yes, I will admit that I've waited around for a text message. lame, I know. And of course, I suffered from "OTMB" syndrome aka "obsessed. text. me. back. now."

Girl #1: It's been one minute! OMG, he's not texting back.
Girl #2: Give the boy some time. It takes a while for the wheels in his brain to turn.
Girl #1: It's been two minutes! He's so not interested. Gah. I should probably just delete his number.
Girl #2: Don't be irrational. Give it another two minutes.
Girl #1: OMG... five minutes has passed. That's it. We're deleting his number... right ... n-o-...OH MY GOSH. HE JUST TEXTED BACK! 
Girl #2: What did he say? 
Girl #1: (reads the text message aloud)
Girl #2: Oh, he's so hooked. We got this. What are you going to text him back?
Girl #1: What should we text him back? Oh and since he made me wait 5 minutes, I'll make him wait 10. 

typical. that's my random ramble for the morning... so embarrassingly funny but oh so true.

PS apologies for the late post!

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