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Friday, April 20, 2012

I feel like this post doesn't need much of an intro. I mean, let's be real.... it's FRIDAY! Yaayyy for a relaxing 2 days filled with adventures to a vineyard for some wine tasting and reading.

To start off my weekend, I'm coming here right after work:
Obvi, I would choose Local 360. I have been obsessing over their PB&J bons bons... all week!
And doing a little bit of this:

Okayyyyy maybe not as glamorous and without the cocktail dresses... but you get the gist. I'll be with some sweet sisters and presiding as dare-I-say-it... Prezi (?) of the Lake Washington Alumnae Association at our ADPi alumnae happy hour. Our goal besides tossin' back a couple of wine glasses would be to revamp our wonderful alumnae chapter and find ways to strengthen our efforts for our local chapter (Alpha Theta) and international organization. Oh, the sweet bonds of sistah-hood. <>

What am I most looking forward to? sleep.


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