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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sometimes the best weekends are those that don't go according to plan...


This past weekend, the only activity crossed of my agenda was my info-meeting with the Lake Washington Alumnae Association of my sorority. Obviously by my picture below and multiple Facebook Mobile uploads, you are now well aware that I thoroughly enjoyed my PB&J Bon Bons from Local 360. 

I seriously cannot say enough how delicious these little pieces of fried dough with warm, yummy peanut butter in the middle, dipped in a sweet berry preserved compote were.. especially with my shot of milk. I've always wondered if I'd ever call food "cute?" Umm... now I do.

During Happy Hour, they come in threes!
After that little ADPi shindig, it was bedtime for me... yes, I went to bed before 9:30 p.m. on a Friday night. Am I embarrassed? Heck nahhh because my pillow was calling my name and demanded that I go to bed without setting my alarm clock. Oh how I live for the weekends!

The T.G.I.F. Katy Perry video from the last post.. lies.... I did not wake up next to a stranger, or raged like a cray cray... complete opposite.. so sorry for the boring, old lady life I live... #fridayfail


You'd think I would wake up at 11:30 a.m. on a Saturday right? I wish I did... my body sensed light and morning rays of sunshine at.... 6:45 a.m. Yes, I was awake at the crack of dawn for no reason at all, and I made myself sleep for at least three two hours more before I threw on a pair of running shorts, a running top, messy bed hair into a pony and then kicked my butt out the door for a run. 

Seattle was sunny this weekend in case you couldn't tell by the crowded streets of Pikes Place Market, loud patios of happy drunkies and plethora of tweets exclaiming how beautiful the weather was in the Emerald City. Everyone goes nuts about the weather here... snow or sun... or well, anything besides rain gets plenty of hype. 

Having clear skies and sunny rays made my run so much more pleasant, and it was on the run that we discovered that wine tasting wasn't happening anymore... so what to do with a free afternoon? Oh I know... I'm going to do what I do best... go grocery shopping. You may think it's weird, but I actually took my time to look cute for Whole Foods. Bahaha I mean, you always want to look polished right? Plus your attitude goes up at least 5 notches when you're feeling/looking like a million bucks. Don't worry friends, no prom dress or anything for the store... just a J.Crew zebra-khaki print skirt, ruffle light blue blouse with rolled up sleeves tucked in, my new Jack Rogers, an ADPi tote bag from Convention and K.Spade shades. Wish I had taken a picture for y'all because I was most def. bringing Southern Style to Seattle.

Saturday ended with happy hour at Cactus in South Lake Union with my little Diamond sister, Jenn. It was fabulous catching up with her and chatting about school, work and how we needed to hang out more often. Unfortunately, we forgot to snap a picture of our date... but lucky for us, we have a family dinner this Friday with the whole group, which may result in a Fam Bam Jam (oh the good 'ole days at the frat). I'll be sure to document adventures of that outing. 

For happy hour, I highly recommend getting a glass of sangria ($5) and their calamari ($8). Absolutely delectable... calamari comes with fried jalapenos... party in my mouth. yum.


a day of rest, church, new Pinterest recipes and retail therapy... and most importantly, here are my picks from today's shopping spree:
Halogen Stretch Cotton Pencil Skirt, Yellow Acacia, $59
Pencil skirts are a work staple, and since this is a bright yellow, it will bring some pop to the office. Paired with a navy blazer or a crisp white blouse with turquoise jewelry... can you say... love?!

 Vince Camuto Safari Tribal Caftan in Poppy Polyester chiffon, $99
absolutely gorgeous... the print is breathtaking and complements so many different pairs of colored-pants - coral, stone, white, black, denim and even a bright blue (LOVES)


obsessed with this skirt... the adorable gold zipper on the back. swoon. but it would have made a huge dent in the bank account along with my other purchases.. so good-bye skirt.. maybe some other day. some day soon. please.

Rubbish Chambray Shirt in Dark Wash, $49
Chambray is a must have this spring and summer, and I love it with red pants as seen on the model. On a hot summer day, toss on a pair of white denim shorts and some feathered earrings and heyyyooo, we're sporting tribal and bohemian. To dress it up for the office, tuck it into a high-waisted colored skirt (maybe the pencil skirt pictured above), and bedazzle with some jewels and wedges. Soft, comfy and oh-so-trendy.... chambray is here to stay.

Jolt Skinny Jeans in White Wash, $44
These were a must-have... a-how-come-you're-not-already-in-my-closet purchase... I was surprised that I didn't have white full-length skinnys. I had white denim capris but they're cut at a length that is not appropriate for work or with heels. My other white denim pants were boot-cut, and only look good with sandals since the hem was cut for flatter shoes. So when I went shopping today, they were on the top of the list. I searched high and low for a pair, and finally settled on these Jolt ones from Nordstrom (B.P.). I could have easily snagged a pair of J Brand, Paiges or my favorite Hudsons from T.B.D. or the ones on sale at the Rack... but for some reason, I just wanted a pair of no-name, simple branded jeans - just everyday skinnys that I could wear and tear. I almost died when I bought these because I saw the same cut in four different colors... including my favorite. coral. But too bad, the only sizes left were 00.... obvi, I wasn't going to even attempt to squeeze into those.

After three hours, I was ready for home to catch up on some trashy Real Housewives of Orange County and a snack... snack of the day? Basil, lemon and garlic infused non-fat greek yogurt as a dip for sesame crackers, carrot chips and kale-spinach rolls. Yum... absolutely delectable... together with a mason jar of pink lemonade.. it was a sunday funday.

For dinner, I whipped up a tofu, ginger, kale, white bean and portobello mushroom soup. Healthy, light with veggies and protein... yum in the tum.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and for my Seattleites, you better have soaked up some rays!

What about you m'friends- did you have fun activities for basking in the sunshine? Better question: do you prefer to plan your days or be spontaneous on the weekends? I mean clearly... shopping was not on my agenda, but that was an "okay" awesome alternative. haha

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  1. I was wondering how those PB&J bon bons worked!

    Yay! What a successful shopping trip! (minus the coral jeans... it will happen.) I wish I was adventurous enough for colored denim. I have only gotten as far as black. Until I make the jump, I'll live vicariously through you ;)

    Sounds like an amazing weekend of being productive, relaxing, and having fun!


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