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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

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If you get it. Share it.
 I think I get it, and I'mma share it. Don't you worry friends... I'm kind of a tweetoholic and plan on spreading the word about the amazing Social Media Club - Seattle (#smcsea) event I recently attended - many more events to come!

Last night, I went to my very first #smcsea event featuring Starbucks' amazing VP of Global Digital Marketing Alexandra Wheeler (@aewheeler), and learned so many great insights into the digital landscape, the various campaigns Starbucks has launched, and what they view as the most important asset to their influencer and engagement programs.

At the beginning of the presentation, Wheeler asked how many us were guilty of drinking Starbucks at least once this past year... every hand, except one (IDK who that crazy person is), shot up in the air. Me? I'm guilty of at least three times in one day.. proud gold member, too. Oh and I brought my Starbucks tumbler with me to the event. It's my favorite grown-up sippy cup. Thanks to @BMW (the emcee) for using it as a prop! Got my two seconds of fame right there...

During Wheeler's presentation, we were exposed to great content and work from the global digital marketing team - from the Cup Magic "Holiday" interactive app to SRCH, an engaging QR code scavenger hunt.. oh and my favorite the PSL day video.. can't get over that. Last night was just thrilling and digitally-riveting to hear Wheeler speak about (a) what she's most passionate about (b) making big - global - influential differences in a consumers' daily life (c) the impact and volume of impressions that great messaging can make in the realm of digital.

Below are a few shots from the presentation and cool takeaways:

[why did I take this?] because I'm still like "whoa" when seeing the agency-of-my-dreams and my name
together on a name tag... pinch me. is this real life?

wheeler's wise words.

"Starbucks is about human connection."

"It's about digital emotional intelligence."

"Networked brands will gain higher levels of brand trust, engagement and marketing efficiency."

"Digital is about building relationships."

"Building on the networked effect can lead to an increased reach and influence, which leads to stronger customer relationships and greater ROI."

"Starbucks doesn't outsource their voice, authenticity is paramount."

"Technology is useless unless it changes behavior."

Alex Wheeler, VP of Global Digital Marketing for Starbucks
She's a boss.
btws... loved her outfit.. oh so trendy, and her shoes were to-die-for

Last slide of the awesome presentation... yes, Starbs the feelings are mutual.
I'm highly obsessed and can't live without you.. and clearly you can't live without fans like me,
obvi, for social ROI and engagement purposes.
Homie, I got you... our relationship is muy bueno, which as Wheeler taught us, equals digi-success.

Other highlights of the evening, I made so many new besties (met an awesome SMC-Seattle board member and a neat man from Scotland who is starting a new social media company in Belltown) got to hang out with a good friend, Kelsey from Wunderman and chat with my blogger and Twitter friends: Mollie and Emily <3 So good to see you ladies! 

That's the best part about attending a social media club event (or any digi-savvy party), everyone just knows everyone... and it's not weird at all to just go up to a person and start a convo by saying "I follow you on Twitter, thought it'd be cool to actually in meet in person." NBD Not creepy at all... unless you're a stage 5 clinger, then please stand at least 5 ft from mehhh... just sayin' :) 

Looking forward to the next #smcsea event... and hope to see you all there!

*All thoughts and ideas are my own, not those of Edelman or my clients*


  1. @aewheeler gave the same presentation at the @in_nw conference (which I highly suggest going to next Feb.) and I loved it, so inspiring! The Every Love campaign videos had everyone tearing up. And PSL Day is my fav, will you celebrate with me next year? haha

    1. That's awesome! I'll for sure go to @in_nw in Feb. I want to go to to SIC again, too. And yessss, I will celebrate PSL day with you. We'll have to do a coffee date.. maybe wear matching orange tshirts. <3

  2. I love that your Twitter handle was on your nametag! I remember you telling me last summer it was completely normal to ask for people's Twitter handles when you meet in Seattle, so this made me laugh. Now you don't even have to ask! :)

  3. Hi love! I found your blog through Being Greek, and I was so excited to see a fellow Seattlite! =) I am moving back at the end of July, and cannot WAIT. =)


    Keep Shining & NPCLove,


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