"you're not in college anymore."

Sunday, April 29, 2012

This past weekend, I reunited with my fellow sisters. Immediately after work, I headed home, packed a weekend bag and cabbed it to the chapter house for a fam bam dinner (Long Live the Leos). All nine of us were packed into a booth and table at Grace Kitchen, munching on salads, chicken pot pie, mac&cheese and tomato basil soup - all of the comfort foods. An absolute wonderful time catching up with my little ones (Lauren, Jenn, Kayva, Nikki, Meg, Carly, Liz and Paige).

top left: Liz, Paige, Jenn, Kayva and Nikki; top right: Meg, Lauren, Me and Carly
Bottom: (the GGs - Carly, Liz and Paige)
Upon returning to the chapter, I ran upstairs to get ready - my class and I were heading to Ballard for a night of fun and adventures... And this part of the weekend was when I realized that I am no longer in college anymore. I learned that (a) I can't rage like I used to (b) stay out late past 12 am (c) I do not understand how I did the whole "communal living" thing

Needless to say, there are no pictures from that #fridayfail (thank the lawd) and I may have a little too much fun. Woke up and it was only 7:30 a.m. since my body's alarm clock is so used to 5 a.m. I sat in bed thinking of all the honky tonk of the previous night. Oh man.. it was L.F.N. from Katy Perry's music video.

[2] fun fun fun...
Remembering that the girls were to have a recruitment workshop that morning with the famous Jackie Jones (amazing Recruitment Director), I got ready and polished for her workshop. I was one of two seniors that attended the recruitment workshop, which was fine.. obvi, I'm totes obsessed. Enjoyed a chat with Jackie and caught up with a leadership consultant who came to visit. It was as if I was back in the chapter... but then I realized.. you know what? I'm not.

It was hard for me to cope with that realization.. that I was not part of the chapter anymore. I had spent an amazing 3.25 years with a group of girls that I truly cherished and consider true friends. I didn't want to be an adult, just yet. But I guess I'm "fine" with it now... It's a part of growing up and becoming a part of the #biggirlworld (still learning each day...)

As much as I loved going back to the chapter, it was weird for me because, well, I hadn't been there with my class for the past 6 months. I felt a little out of place.. everyone had new inside jokes, new memories, and I wasn't really a part of it anymore. It made me a little sad... but it also made me realize that in the end, we'd all be going our separate ways. I'm just hoping we can all pick up from where we left off come graduation time.

They say college are the best four years of your life... yes, for me it was the best 3.25. And you're never going to find an experience like it again.

[3] June 7th can't come soon enough.
Commencement will be absolutely amazing. Our journey began with a bid card, squeals and sprinting to the house on 18th and 47th... and now it ends in less than two months with a walk, hand in hand in black caps and gowns and ADPi bright azure blue stoles.

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  1. I'm really impressed you made it to your recruitment workshop after what sounds like a tough night on Fri!


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