trickles of rain trumps tribal tuesday

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

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Tribal Tuesday...uhhh I tried. The picture above was definitely an inspiration for today's outfit.. unfortunately, I don't look that glamorous. must. tame. down. for the office.... so instead I opted for my new white skinnys, a  v.camuto bright orange tribal print caftan, simple in platinum, the gold pave eternity ring from michael kors on my right hand, a vintage ring belonging to my grandmother from the 1920s and an ADPi ring on the left and of course, for hair - soft waves pulled half-back. polish color? coral... to match my top and be in trend with this season's hot colors.

Oh and the weather man tricked me... it's supposed to be partly cloudy/sunny with highs of 65? LIES!! Staring out my window right now, I see clouds.. cumulo-nimbus to be exact.. yes, I just pulled out my cloud-weather identification tricks from 4th grade when I aced that class with flying colors and my awesome glittered, neon pink wind vane.

Where are you sunshine? You were oh-so-beautiful yesterday... come back to mehh.

But rain or shine, I'm going to be walking outside today... out of the office and back on to the gorgeous campus of University of Washington, which now I dearly and affectionately dub my alma mater.

                                                                                Source: Uploaded by user via Marnie on Pinterest

Absolutely stoked to be speaking at a lunch today as an alumna and "professional." Note that I put "professional" in quotes... because honestly, I can hardly believe that I am.. at least yet. Still a youngin' in the big girl world, I have much to learn before I can affix that title on my profile.

Topics for my talk? (1) How to land a job after graduation (2) Five resume tips (3) The importance of networking and "coffee dates" (I hate the term informational interview) (4) Of course... it's not just about what you know.. but who you know.. obvi, I'm passing out my nifty business cards.

Noon can't come soon enough.. welp, it's back to the grind, m'dears. Cheers to a happy day despite the lack of sun and a productive afternoon.

Next post: Highlights from a Social Media Club event I'm attending this evening feat. the VP of Global Digital Marketing of Starbucks... this is how I feel about that: !!!!

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  1. Love that caftan! I can totally picture it on you. :) Also, I gotta ask of course — which ADPi ring?! And finally, you should post your notes from your presentation as a blog post! I know you probably have some great tips. :)


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