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Monday, May 14, 2012

Graduation is right around the corner... which means another reason to go shopping! After a dozen of shops, hours online and adventures in Portland with dearest Mama Nguyen - I finally settled on two dresses from J.Crew.

Believe me when I say that I tried on every dress possible. My mother's personal shopper, Mary (oh, that dear woman) was the sweetest doll ever... she pulled almost every dress from TBD to Via C, it was a struggle to find a unique, bright summery dress that didn't overwhelm my petite figure. Every dress we picked... it was either too long and if hemmed would cut the print at a weird angle, or my torso was too short, or my neck was too short or worse... they didn't have my size... and of course, I waited until the last minute so shipping plus tailoring time might not have been the best. I was in love with a gorgeous Balenciaga - hot pink printed dress, but that didn't happen... it was too busy, and my mother didn't think it was "young enough." bahaha

Kate Spade New York 'Viola' dress in Cote Azur,  $358
I was also in love with this Kate Spade 'Viola' dress... but again, there was something not right about it. It was blue, and I was set on somehow incorporating my power color (PINK) into my graduation outfit.

Finally, we arrived at J.Crew where I fell in love with the Ella dress! Not only was it girly, brightly printed (had pink in it) but it also had pockets!! I'm a sucker for pockets... they are just so handy. I liked the dress so much... I may have gotten it in two different prints - one for my department ceremony and another for commencement.

lookie - these are my graduation dresses!
[left] Ella dress in 'Rambling Rose' - classic navy, floral vine print, cotton, $148 $99
[right] Ella dress in 'Garden Floral' - bold orange brushstroke floral print, silk, $198
You may be asking... how is my power color going to be incorporated with the "Rambling Rose" dress? Ummm.. strapless dresses pretty much beg to be adorned with a statement necklace or fun, over the top earrings. I'm thinking a bright neon pink necklace.... like this one:

Kate Spade New York 'Bauble Box' Double Row Bib Necklace in Fluorescent Pink, $278

putting my hair up in a loose, elegant chignon and donning these beauties:
Kate Spade New York 'Moms the Word - Posey Park' earrings in Fluorescent Pink,  $58
Obviously in love with both... and to choose between the two will be quite the challenge. 

Ahhh... can't believe it's happening in less than a month. outrageously unreal. Next grad-related post? DIY - Bedazzle your Mortarboard. :)


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