Opa! Adventures to the Portland Greek Festival

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Think... epic Greek food, amazing music, catching up with a best friend from high school.. and of course, tons of beer. That was this past Friday's adventure in Portland.

One of my dear friends, Chris, mentioned this fun, cultural outing a couple weeks ago and invited me along for dinner at Portland's annual Greek Festival, located on the church-grounds of the gorgeous Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral (32nd and NE Glisan).

Of course, Chris was late ... per usual... but not a bad thing at all - I had the chance to explore the lovely NE Portland neighborhood. Absolutely beautiful homes... and such a quiet, hipster neighborhood... typical Portland.

About ten minutes later, dearest/goofy Chris and I made our way onto the church grounds for our night of overwhelmingly great Greek food, loud music, drinks and tons of catching up.

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no... but really....

After some wine and beer... and getting lost in the beer garden, we heard a loud man yell... "LAMB #7 is ready to be cut!"

Lamb no. 7?! Whoa... hold the phone now, folks.. We had to go check that out, and there it was .. in all of its glory - a big, whole lamb... roasting. YUM. Too bad, I had to leave early and didn't get to enjoy a piece. 

However, I did eat my fair share of Greek goods:

Spanakopita :: spinach, feta, ricotta, and onions smothered together and wrapped in a flaky, phyllo pastry dough
Gyros :: roasted meat served on pita with tzatziki, tomatoes and onions
Loukoumades :: small, honey-glazed donut-like balls of delectable goodness

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Lamb.. soo much lamb... Apparently, they cooked 8 that night?!
image via
Ooo.. Lookie at these beautiful, tasty Loukoumades!
Cheers to Chris for snapping this happy moment!
Yes, it was a splendid evening - apparently, we missed out on the dancing but the laughs, good chats and jokes totally made up for it. To Chris - it was a highlight of my October.

This past weekend, I had a blast during my mini-vacation to Portland! Got to catch up with my best friend from high school, see my family and celebrate my Grandma's 85th Birthday! :)

Doesn't she look great?! Love LOVE her. So happy I got to be home for her big day.
Started off October on the right track. Cheers to more fun this month!

Up next on The Accessory... I bring you Little Problems - cute sorority gear... must-have accessories for the preppy, fun sorority girl.. and of course, it's for a good cause.

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  1. I love Greek food! Looks like y'all had an amazing time. :) Glad you got to have your Portland vacation!


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