Gene Juarez: Ombre Balayage

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I was way overdue for a haircut (God forbid.. dead ends!)... so finally gave in after staring at my sad hair and set up an appointment at Gene Juarez - for a cut and color this past weekend. It needed some love.. someone to make it pretty again. Not wanting to lose my long tresses, I wanted a trim and for new layers to give more volume. Had the cut figured out.. but then, I was puzzled. Did I want some color? Some neat tones and dimension? 

I've been fascinated with the balayage, ombre effect for quite some time now, and thought this would be great time to try it. Terrified at first, I wasn't sure even where to begin when describing it to my colorist, Kelsey. 

But she was simply fabulous and reassured me that:
a. I could pull it off. This would be a big change.. but a good one.
b. I was in good hands.
c. Worst case if I didn't like it - we could always cover it up. 

So after about two hours - my hair looked brand new! With a mix of caramel, chestnut and golden browns - my hair was now sporting that ever-so-popular ombre look. And a few snippets later from my stylist, Geraldine - my hair was healthy again. No dead ends from over-curling and straightening -- just healthy locks.

So excited for this new hairdo!

Tell me, would you try the new ombre, balayage look?

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  1. Love the cut! i really REALLY need a haircut... I may just be taking some scissors to my bangs this weekend out of desperation. Or chopping it all of on a whim. hmmm both not very good options. haha!


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