Accessorizing Life With: The Average Girl's Guide

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Today kicks off my "Accessorizing Life With" mini-series which highlights the many neat, inspirational bloggers and women I've met along my blogging journey. This morning, I'm thrilled to feature one of my favorite bloggers and fellow Baublebar fan - Alyson from The Average Girl's Guide

TAGG, for short, features everything from stylish outfits, easy and fun DIY projects to yummy recipes! She's my weekly must-read and source for style inspiration. Being both a mom and owner of her own PR company, she's definitely who I would call a busy bee! I'm truly amazed by her fierce style, dedication to TAGG and overall journey as a lifestyle blogger. 

Recently, I had the opportunity to interview Alyson on life, blogging and of course, her favorite accessory. So excited to feature her for today's post, and if you haven't read her stuff yet, I hope you'll become a fan soon! 

Who/what inspired you to blog?
I love to be in the know, be it with style, the latest food finds, etc., so I always had an interest in sharing my intel on some platform. I initially intended to share more movie and film reviews 'from the average girl's opinion' compared to a critic, but that was before I had a baby, started a PR company and started the blog! Ha. A blog was the easiest platform to get started... and it's just evolved from there! 

What is your favorite accessory? (If you have a photo of you and it, feel free to include!)
Can it be a three-part answer? Hope so! I'm sentimental about my wedding ring, and a really tiny "s" necklace (for my daughter, Sarah), that I never take off, even to shower. At the same time, I'm so all about bling and big statement necklaces in 2013, as evidenced by my recent posts!  They're pretty fun to wear, right? 

Over the time that you've spent on The Average Girl's Guide, what has been your most rewarding experience?
Connecting with other women like you! It's the truth. I've connected so profoundly with other bloggers who I would have never otherwise met, and also with readers who who responded to something I wrote, be it trying a new style or adding a big necklace, or on a more personal topic, like challenges conceiving or loneliness. It's discussing the real issues that are rarely shared that have impacted me the most.

Much thanks goes to Alyson for sharing her time and more on The Accessory! 

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