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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Before I share with you my ode and overwhelming love for yoga pants, one quick crossfit update. I'm beyond proud of the fact that I've recently tested out of my basics class and now get to take the same class as my main squeeze! I've traded a dowel for some more barbell work, and I look forward to how I'll improve in all of the lifts and gain more confidence in the gym! 

So what help gets me through a crossfit workout?

Personally - if I could wear yoga pants every day for the rest of my life, I would be a happy camper. I know, I know... it's a bit ridiculous of a statement. But seriously... tell me, would you want to switch to a pair of jeans after wearing comfy, stretchy pants?

Whether it's crossfit class or running errands on the weekend, I absolutely relish those moments when I get to prance around in my beloved pants. My favorite pair? Any of the run inspire crops or wunder unders by Lululemon. I wholeheartedly admit, I have a Lululemon obsession. It's an expensive one, but oh so worth it.

My recent purchase - the run inspire crop II capris in the black/quilt spring print. Mesh venting keeps the back of my knees and calves cool while I'm jumping on boxes and sprinting. Chafe resistant flat seams also help ensure that I'm comfortable during my entire class - so my focus is solely on the workout and not on any surprise camel toes or itchy irritation spots. Maybe that was a bit of a TMI, but hey... those are legit concerns.

run: inspire crop II :: lululemon
Another pair of yoga pants that I have my eye on include these beautiful Zella 'Streamline' Live In Leggings - love the bright pattern!

Below are a few other pairs and more to consider for your workout wear:

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