in a nutshell: these past two weeks

Sunday, May 4, 2014

These past two weeks have been absolutely nut-so. Highlights include food-styling and a neat citrus inspired photo shoot for a client. Hence the vibrant oranges and lemons pictured above. Whoever knew that food-styling was an actual thing and that it takes hours to perfect?! 

Then it was work work work work.... 

Easter weekend with my main squeeze and friends. Prepped for a client work trip in Canada which included purchasing a new purse... because with high-stress events comes retail therapy? That makes total sense, right?  See my new beauty below... she's real pretty!

Countless hours on-site with the client, a bajillion tweets and a dozen cups of coffee later.... including a fabulous fashion show, I was back in Seattle and scrolling through a scary inbox of unread emails. It was a frighteningly quick two weeks, but I'm absolutely blessed with the many opportunities I had and the experiences I gained. BUT what I'm most excited about... is the chance to take things a little bit slower and spend a lot more time with you. *insert hug* 

It's nice to be back folks... real nice. And I look forward to sharing more deets of what I've been up to, the summer adventures I have planned coming up...  yay for more posts m'friends! Up next this week - includes my glamorous outfit to a ball, the moorea seal store opening and a new healthy, clean eating lunch spot I just discovered in Capitol Hill. 

Hope you all have a great start to your week!

easter weekend w/ my main squeeze.
outfit: baublebar necklace // navy h&m dress (similar) //
navy printed trench coat from the rack (similar)  
my new beauty // rebecca minkoff mini mac (color: fatigue)
a snippet from the runway // loved the fashion show // #jobperks

i took a retail therapy break in canada // behold, this gorgeous pink manolo

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