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Monday, May 5, 2014

look at all his jacket bling! so proud.
Just your typical Saturday night activity - wearing a floor-length gown for a ball. Yup, you heard me... a ball. 

My main squeeze recently joined the National Guard after being on active duty, and I couldn't be more proud of my Captain. This was my third ball but with new group of friends... so I did a little "shopping" in my closet and pulled out my favorite evening gown - a BCBG Black Sophee Lace Trimmed Dress

You know the feeling when you put on something totally rad and when you look in the mirror, you almost don't recognize yourself... because at that moment, you're just like "whoa... is that really me? ohhh damn... girl." Yes. that's exactly how I feel every time I slip into this little number.

It's by far one of the most beautiful black dresses I own. It's soft, flowy and clings to my curves - the two front slits give it a little glam factor - and the lace inserts.... oh-em-gee-my-fav. There's something about a little black lace overlay that's just b-e-autiful. 

And because I got so excited and wanted to show my mom how grown up I looked... I took my first bathroom mirror selfie.... *le sigh* 

I've never been a fan of mirror selfies. I find it awkward, slightly weird and... did I already say awkward? Other people doing it is fine I guess, but personally, I never saw myself snapping that pic. I guess I was always worried someone would walk in and be like "Really? You're that girl?" Welp, I got over that fear on Saturday to show Mama Nguyen how her little princess looked all glammed up.

And there you have it... my first bathroom selfie.  

my accessories for that evening:
nars orgasm blush. essie clambake nail polish. nars lipstick in heat wave.
louis vuitton clutch gifted by mother.

Do you have a dress that makes you feel like a star?
Tell me about it in comments below!

Looking for a glam evening dress? Here's a few of my favorite picks below: 

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