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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

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As highlighted in my most recent outdoor adventure post, I had a blast exploring the wilderness of Victoria and Port Renfrew in Canada. However, one of my favorite discoveries on this trip was in the heart of the city - Rebar - a healthy, veggie-friendly restaurant in Victoria - whose motto "eat really well" resonated with me strongly.

Rebar Salad with Addtl Smoked Salmon
Ever since I changed my diet (started Crossfit) and embraced a more clean eating lifestyle - I've approached that concept of "eating really well" much differently than before. I used to love eating at the rich, gastropubs and trying new restaurants all the time. It was all about the foie gras, black truffles and the most decadent entree. Don't get me wrong - I still LOVE those aspects of fine dining and trying new places, but my love for my body has changed. I respect it on a whole different level, and as such, "eating really well" for me means gaining the necessary vitamins and nutrients to keep me refreshed and feeling energized. Enough about that, let's get to the good stuff - the reasons why I fell in love with Rebar

Upon entering the restaurant, my main squeeze and I immediately felt at home. It had the Seattle-like hipster vibe and reminded us of Local 360 since all of their food is fresh and sourced within the local area. One of my favorite things about Rebar is that everything is made in-house, too. All of the dressings, stocks for their soups and hand-cut herbs, as well as freshly grounded spices add an amazing touch to their meals. Learn more about their food philosophy here!

Additionally, I've never seen such an extensive juice menu before at a restaurant! All freshly squeezed and made to order - I was super excited to see more than five different choices for various juicing concoctions and smoothies - options for fruit only, vegetable only, fruit and vegetable, wheatgrass combinations, tonics and even coconut water based juices. 

If you're in Victoria, Canada for a day and a need a quick, healthy bite to eat - I highly recommend giving Rebar a try! A great way to refuel for those who are health-conscious, as well as for the veggie-friendlies and gluten-free folks. 

Rebar | Eating Really Well
50 Bastion Square, Victoria

monday to thursday 11 - 9 // friday 11 - 10 // saturday 8:30 - 10 // sunday 8:30 - 8

250 361 9223

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