Guilty Pleasures.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Why must we call our pleasures guilty? It makes it sound sinful and deplorable. When really, it's meant to be fulfilling and wonderful. Unless, your pleasures are more of an intimate nature, I see no harm in sharing some secrets, the inner workings of the soul, things that make you weak at the knees -- baring it for all to see.

It's within those moments when you're completely vulnerable, that you plunge yourself head first into a whirlwind of emotional gratification.

Taking part in the guilty pleasures of life -- indulging in those most satisfying aspects...
that truly is living the life.

So, today, exclusively for you my readers,
I've decided to share share some of my secrets -- my guilty pleasures.

1. I'm absolutely obsessed with stationary and homemade cards.
From the intricate details of the calligraphy to the embossed images, I have become fascinated by the world of card-stock and personalized stationary. It is very apparent when you see my expression as I step foot into Paper Source or ecru : modern stationer (both which are my favorite shops to go for card-stock and customized envelope seals); I become one with the paper and pen.

My must-haves: Gold, monogrammed envelope seals, 4 x 6 flat scallop-edged card-stock (any color), petal enclosure flat-envelopes, and of course, a Black Micron 02 Pen 0.30 mm for a smooth, flowy edge to enhance my handwriting. I'm obsessed with Paper Source's array of printed flat cards and specialty paper, too. They are great for scrapbooking and home-made cards. I've also recently found a blog called Oh So Beautiful Paper that just mesmerizes me with its elegance and impeccable taste in color, print, and layout.

2. I think it's pretty evident that I am in love with weddings and anything that suggests bridal.
Yes, I'm one of those women who gawk at Brides at the newsstand and am guilty of watching re-runs of "Say Yes to the Dress." If you are unaware of this, then we're probably not good enough of friends, since I've had the wedding convo with all of my girls... from the color scheme and centerpiece down to the actual outfit, cake, and ideal dress.

Need a refresher of my ridiculous adoration for tulle, organza, and Tiffany?
Check out "I Do" and "I Do Part II." <-- Enough said.

3. I kinda like Dark Chocolate. No, actually... I LOVE it.
Dark chocolate covered almonds = delicious. I tend to have this constant craving for the Extra Dark Chocolate truffles from Godiva or the Grenada Dark Chocolate Truffle from Moonstruck (a Portland Favorite!). A box of those would make my day in an instant. There's nothing else that would put a brighter smile on my face or satisfy my sweet tooth. There's something about that velvety, rich and sensual goodness that makes me giddy.

4. Flowers. Not just any though. Fresh, beautiful Flowers are a testament of my love for God's beauty, that is of nature.
I have favorites, of course. I long for a never-ending arrangement of gardenias and peonies that will never die and smell beautiful all year-long as they sit in my glass vase on the center of my coffee table. Other flowers... not so much. Daisies are simple and sweet. For me, roses scream "He's trying too hard" - how typical, uncreative. Carnations are cheap -- sometimes an insult. Irises and hydrangeas are every garden's best friend and sunflowers are like a ray of sunshine. Not all are pleasing to the eye, and yes, I prefer some more than others. But overall, the fresh scent of flowers exude life in a still room of stale air and furniture. It brings color... vibrance. They are part of my loves.

5. Maturity and appreciation for art and Billy Collins disguised in boat shoes and button-ups.
What does this mean?
I'm pretty much describing my "whatever you want to call it - fad, thing, appreciation, like, tendency to fall for" men who are a bit older? Not saying that I would marry someone 10+ years older (unless it was meant to be? too far in the future to predict). But yes, I think George Clooney and Pierce Brosnan are suave and debonair. It's all in the smile, the button-up, and of course, the way he carries himself. I've got a deep appreciation for someone who has read any of the works of my favorite poet/writer Billy Collins or respects the art of Chuck Close and Dale Chihuly.

So when it comes down to it... it's not really about age. It's more about maturity. I'm not counting the actual physical years of living... I'm looking at the age of the person's soul. Because frankly, even though I'm a mere 20 (20 1/2 if you count my half birthday which was on 12/5), I'd say my soul is a well-aged 30. Not to say that I don't enjoy the occasional college kegger and all that my youth has to offer, but I am more inclined to observe a rare collection at the art museum or go to an opera. Sunday tea sounds delightful and I'd gladly give up a trip to the college bars for a cocktail at a swanky jazz lounge or piano bar.

Tell me if you can find someone who fits this "soul age: 30" criteria in the college demographics and get back to me. Because honestly, I'd say they don't really exist yet... Like wine, men better with age. (Make it 30+)

6. Social Media plays a big part in my life.
Facebook. Twitter. Blogs. Hootsuite. Twitpic. Blackberry. BBM. etc. I am now addicted and completely dependent on my Blackberry (some call it my crackberry... and now my sorority sisters have dubbed it the "fratberry"). Constantly checking my twitter and facebook, I have my Blackberry glued to my hand. My friends call it an obsession. I call it "normal." Especially, in this day and age, when everyone is expected to respond to an email the moment s/he receives it in the inbox, it is completely acceptable to be on your phone 24/7. I enjoy tweeting and blogging... and even though my friends joke about my dependency on social media, in all honesty, I think it really has become a part of who I am. I simply love it.

Guilty of all of the above?
Yes... and I'm lovin' every moment of it.

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