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Monday, March 7, 2011

Atlanta, here I come! 

Yes, Ashlyn, I stole borrowed this from your blog... it was too pretty of a picture.
When I arrive at Memorial HQ, I'll take my own pic. bahaha

Memorial Headquarters - Alpha Delta Pi - Ponce de Leon - I'm coming your way this June 2011... 

Can you believe it? I'll be living there for 6 weeks! Eeek... I'm so lucky!
<> Can't wait to meet my new EO sisters <>

I have no words to describe how thrilled  ecstatic HAPPY overjoyed I am to be given such a wonderful opportunity to work with Executive Office this summer (June 8th/ish through July 15th). This past Saturday, I was just sitting at Starbucks attempting to write a paper and fill out the Chapter Awards packet. But in actuality, I was chit-chattin' for a bit with Miss Anna Kate, a sweet Zeta Iota sister. Then all of a sudden, T. Swift's "Sparks Fly" started blaring from my phone... I looked at the number and the area code was very similar to EO's office number in Georgia. Picked up the phone, and the next couple of minutes happened so quickly, I didn't even realize what was happening.. Filled with so much joy and emotion, I squealed like a little girl at Starbucks when I heard Executive Director Mrs. Ablard's voice congratulating me on my acceptance to be an 
Executive Office Intern! 

People around me probs though I was one huge freak for being all giddy and doing a little victory dance in my seat. (bahaha) When she said I had to keep it hush-hush until Monday, my stomach was going to explode. "Only tell those who are close to you," she said... Gahhh, so difficult to keep such a promise, but "Mum's the word" until NOW

The picture below completely sums up my mindset when I heard I was going to Atlanta.  My Immediate Reaction: (of course, I would never say that out loud... kept my cool)
 I can also hear Ashlyn saying this too,
with her cute lil' accent all the way from Drake University...

I'm still in shock... I can't believe it. 
Flying across the country by myself
 from the chill, hippie Pacific NW to the classic, land of the South. 

Lord knows, I'm stoked. 
I'd be wearing my pearls all day long...

My Sweet Alpha Dee's... I am beyond ecstatic. I can't wait to learn, breathe and truly live ADPi... then bring it all back to you, my Alpha Thetas.

Things I'm looking forward to:

  • Being + Living at Memorial Headquarters! It's like an ADPi sleepover errday everyday for 6 weeks. Maybe I'll get to have a pajama jam with CBG - one could only hope...
  • Going to E.T. Fitzergerald's grave - Macon, GA - Wesleyan College - I gotta pay tribute to the ultimate head honcho of our International Organization- our Founder.
  • Making new friends and bonding with amazing EO sisters; so excited to meet all of you ladies <> Haley: Ashlyn's told me so much about you. Apparently we're ADPi twins? Looking forward to hanging out and venturing 'round Georgia with you.
  • Finally, I get to meet Miss Anna Kate -- ahh so excited! Girl, we best be having a lunch date that includes sweet tea (extra sweetened) and some delicious southern comfort food. Please take me on a shopping extravaganza; I'm in dire need of some Lilly in my closet.
  • Learning what my projects for the summer are - hopefully, it includes the ADPi Foundation - doing public relations (community outreach, media relations, and dabblin' a bit with branding) for Expansion and Violet Circle Membership - real, hands-on PR experience... YES!
  •  ATLANTA, GA - need I say more? There will be tons of excursions into town... and plenty of shopping, duh - that's.a.given.
  •  Ashlyn, come visit me, puh-leeze! I'd love to see your beautiful face. 
  • I'm excited to get all touristy and take tons of pictures wherever I go in Atl. I'll probably accumulate 1000+ pics at the end of my trip and at least 20+ videos. 
  • My first time at an Atlanta Braves game. It's a must. My sweet EO sisters, I'm dragging you with me whether you like baseball or not - no worries, I don't really understand the game entirely - it's not really a Seattle thing. bahaha 
  • SOUTHERN FOOD - I'm already addicted to sweet tea, chicken fried steak and biscuits & gravy... what's next on the plate?
delicious -photo courtesy of some tumblr...
  • Oh, can we please go to a "University of XYZ" and see another ADPi chapter? I'm in love with seeing other ADPi houses - I think it's an inner 'I wanna be an LC' side of me.
  • Me and my tendencies to over-prepare for anything has gotten me looking at CitySearch-Atlanta, GA ... I spy with my little eyes that Little Five Points is a fun hippie, eclectic neighborhood. Shopping in Lenox Square - yes every other bullet point includes shopping. (If you hadn't known by now, then you don't know me well at all.) Also, it looks like there's a cute little restaurant, Farm Burger, right on Ponce de Leon - can we go try it? It looks yummy. Oh, and I looked at the "neighborhood" section of Atlanta on Citysearch... have no idea what category EO fits under. Ponce de Leon, where are you on here? I must find you so I can look up more/other places to satisfy my tummy. No, but seriously...
  • As cheesy as it sounds, I want to eat a peach. Georgia's known for its peaches. I love peaches. Henceforth - we're gettin' me a peach. mk? thanks.
  • Flirting with adventure and celebrating my summer with good folks in the South - the Peach State - "Yes, Ma'am," the land of Sweet Tea, Southern Belles + Southern gents, Sperry's and a place where they all will accept my taste in fashion which primarily consists of tennis skirts, pearls and penny loafers - the Pacific NW just doesn't get it.  It's how I was raised in Scottsdale... oh how I love my preppy J. Crew

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Song of the Moment: "Walking on a Dream" - Empire of the Sun
I really am walking on a dream... Is this real life? 

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  1. Teach me! We are all dying for you to get here so you can teach us how to be real bloggers! You're so a-freaking-dorable!


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