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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

happy morning // crossfit class + green juice
It was a bright and early morning today with a 6 am class and one of my favorite green juices to start the day. Today's WOD was rough - deadlifts, front squats and squat snatches have my legs feeling like jelly and my arms sore... but totally worth it, right?

One of the reasons why I continue to push myself at Crossfit (even when my legs are about to give out) are the amazing coaches at my box. One in particular is Kendra. A fellow Lululemon obsessed, RxBar junkie - she inspires me to be a better crossfitter, and I can push through the hardest WODs with her coaching and cheering.

As such, I thought it'd be more than appropriate to feature Kendra of Crossfit Belltown as part of my "Accessorizing Life With" series, because I've learned over the past few months that Crossfit has become more than just a workout for me. It's one of my vital accessories for a happy, healthy life.

Hope you all enjoy meeting, Kendra!

Who inspired you to try Crossfit?
Chris Spealler. I met him at the same rec center I worked at in Utah. He was the only athlete to go to the Crossfit Games 6 years in a row. Also, the first movement that really got me going was the Kipping Pull-up. It's so incredible what your body can do when you push and challenge it.

Why Crossfit?
I've had friends who've done Barre, and I used to be a former spin instructor. Those are all great workouts, but I've felt the strongest and most confident with Crossfit. Crossfit movements are more practical and applicable to every day life. You learn to lift things properly - whether that be a box or a baby.

What are your favorite gym outfit accessories?
Leg warmers + Lululemon sport bras.

Favorite Crossfit Movement: Clean + Jerk

Favorite WOD: Mary (push-ups + pistols + pull-ups)

Top Three Songs for a Good Workout:
Dark Horse by Katy Perry // I Don't Dance by DMX // Talk that Talk by Rihanna

What is your morning routine? (What are the must-dos for a successful day?)
Coffee - lots of it. Eggs and almond butter. And of course, a positive attitude.

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Over the time that you've been Crossfitting - what's the most rewarding experience you've had?
I've been doing Crossfit for about 2 years, and the most rewarding experience is that moment when you meet your personal goals. It's even more amazing when you exceed those goals farther than you thought possible.

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Crossfit in Three Words: Fun. Rewarding. Challenging.

Thanks Kendra for being a part of  the"Accessorizing Life With" series!

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